8 comments on “Different Sized Dolls Can Wear Clothes Made From The Same Doll Clothes Patterns

  1. Cherrylmaree on Nov 17, 2013 5:14 am | Reply

    My little girls swap their dolls clothes around and I find them mix and ‘matched’ on all their ‘babies’. Very helpful information. Thank you Rosie.

  2. I have the 14″ cpk doll and have sized down the dress with sleeves pattern very easily. what I now need help with is how much to size down the frill hat. I desperately need that pattern to fit the 14″ CPK head. Please help.

    • Hi Cindy, I’ve just put the hat I made from my 18 1/2 inch CPK pattern on my 14″ CPK doll and I’m thinking that you could try reducing the pattern to 85% and see how that goes. The fit will depend on what type of hairstyle your doll has too so start at 85% and then make adjustments from there. You may also like to put elastic on the hat to hold it to her head more securely.
      Please let me know how you go.

    • Hi Chey, This depends on whether you have a fabric or a vinyl Cabbage Patch Doll. If you have a vinyl CPK doll and the feet are similar in size to the AG doll then there is no reason they can’t share shoes. The fabric CPK dolls have a very different shaped foot so generally don’t tend to wear AG shoes. However, I do know someone who has used AG canvas sneakers on their smaller Cabbage Patch dolls. I believe they were able to do this because the fabric Cabbage Patch feet are able to be squashed. So if you have some AG shoes try them on your Cabbage Patch doll and if they fit and stay on then great!

  3. Thank you so much for the info! I was wondering about doll clothes sizing since I see so many patterns for AG not for baby dolls.

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