2 comments on “Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Blouse Pattern Release

  1. Rosie: FYI: Have now made the cabbage patch halter top and crop top. There was a difference of approx. 1/2 inch in some places so just in case, I enlarged the pattern 104% ( it gave me an extra 1/4 inch in some places). I could have measured wrong but not having Delaney (our new cabbage patch family member) at my house to compare, I was playing it on the safe side. My daughter says they fit perfectly, and I probably didn’t need to enlarge them. … am so excited to have more patterns. Many thanks, Larraine.

    • So it sounds like your granddaughter’s 17 inch Cabbage Patch doll is very similar in size to my 18 1/2 inch CPK doll, that’s wonderful news Larraine. I’m sure you will now be sewing a whole new wardrobe for the new Cabbage Patch family member 🙂

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