4 comments on “Why I Love Sewing

  1. annies5jemmz@charter.net on Sep 19, 2011 3:06 pm | Reply

    My dear Rosie,

    I just completed week 5 of your course. I was especially excited about how to attach a collar and have it look good. Thank you for including that in this weeks lesson. Now I am looking forward without apprehension to sewing a doll garment that includes a collar. I feel like I have not only gained some exceptional guides and tips about sewing, but have made a wonderful new friend as well. Thanks again.


    • Thanks Ann, it is fantastic to hear that you are enjoying my course and gaining confidence in sewing. When you know the little tips and tricks, sewing becomes a real pleasure and I’m glad that I’ve been able to help you. Keep in touch.


  2. Pat Stone on Oct 13, 2020 9:09 pm | Reply

    We must be kindred spirits, Rosie. I love all of the things you mentioned in why you love sewing. Thank you for giving us the tools we need to make our sewing time even more enjoyable.

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