2 comments on “What Age to Begin Sewing?

  1. I have taught a course called “Kids Can Sew” for many years. This course is essentially putting children or non sewers on the machine from the very first class. My experience is that children age 8 – 10 years have better control over their fine motor skills and are able to read a pattern/directions better than the 6 – 7 year old. I also found that the fabric for new sewers should be woven and a bottom weight (such as slightly heavier fabrics that one would use for pants, however, not denim). It takes additional skill to use knits and woven soft, slinky of very thin fabrics.
    However, all this said, a success depends greatly on the interest of the individual new sewer and their fine motor skills. Boys and girls learn equally well as long as the sewing project and fabric is something that interests them.

    • Thanks for that input Tove. I agree, children learn things much better if they have an interest in what they are learning and this is why I felt teaching how to sew doll clothes would be ideal for most young girls wanting to learn how to sew. The doll clothes can be made from small pieces of fabric that they can select, the projects are not over complicated and they get to play with the end result. I love seeing how proud they are when they make their very first piece.
      Happy sewing 🙂

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