2 comments on “Secrets to Keeping Your Sewing Room Tidy

  1. Ann Mellor on Nov 10, 2012 3:04 pm | Reply

    Hi Rosie,

    Love you sewing room ideas. I’m going to attach a waste bag on my cutting table too.

    To keep my projects organized, especially because I always have several things cut out to work on at all times, I bought small plastic project trays that you can find in most any store. I can sometimes have a dozen things cut out and ready to sew at a time. I put them all in one tray, and I have another for the project in process. Because my supplies are in another room from where I have to sew, I put everything I need into the little tray….thread, buttons, trim, elastic, etc. Everything I’ll need to complete my project. If for some reason I get interrupted and can’t complete the outfit, it goes back into the little tray and put away so that my animals don’t get into it. It keeps everything together and organized until I’m ready to resume sewing.

    • Thanks Ann. Wow, you certainly are organised with your sewing projects! I really love your idea of the little trays and keeping everything needed for that project together. Thanks so much for sharing this idea. Happy sewing, Rosie.

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