6 comments on “Rosies Doll Clothes Patterns Share and Tell October 2013

  1. Cherrylmaree on Oct 20, 2013 3:37 am | Reply

    Hi Rosie,

    These styles are gorgeous. I haven’t been doll sewing for awhile ( back problems ) but Christmas is coming and the little girls wont be happy if the ‘wardrobes’ aren’t bulging. Thank you for the great idea. Cheers.

  2. Just finished a wardrobe for granddaughters GI Joe, yes GI Joe. He had nothing to wear so had to pull an all nighter and outfit the boy.
    She was beside herself when she saw him. He has gone home now to show off his outfits to ‘the girls’.
    If anyone could advise me on how to whip up a bean bag for him to rest on I would be happy.

  3. What a very cute article! I love the Halloween costumes! But I think that the Santa outfit looks the best! Who wouldn’t love that outfit?!

  4. Carol Brown on Nov 18, 2013 6:34 pm | Reply

    Just finishes the cabbage patch dolle dress pattern it
    came out great . Nice pattern and video is greate to follow.

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