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  1. Hi, please can you tell me, would the cabbage patch patterns fir the Annabel doll? I know the American girl doll patterns won’t fir, the length is fine, but the bodies are too narrow.
    You have some really lovely patterns, and I’m hoping to get some dolls clothes made for my 2 granddaughters, but they both have Baby Annabels. I also have a reborn doll, that’s the same size, and she only has the clothes she wore when I bought her 2 years ago, so she is still packed away, as I would prefer different clothes.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Lesley, thank you for your enquiry. I have just tried a few of my outfits on a doll that is very similar to the Baby Annabell doll and in summary this is what I found:
      18 inch American Girl patterns
      – Frill hat fits nicely
      – Funky Fur jacket fits nicely but the pants will need to be enlarged approx 10% then shorten the legs back to the original length
      18 1/2″ Cabbage Patch patterns
      – 50’s Vintage Dress fits beautifully
      – Pinafore Dress fits nicely
      – Summer nightie fits nicely
      – Winter Nightie shorts sleeves is good but long sleeves you will need to add approx 1 – 1 1/2″ to the length and shorten the elastic a little. You may also need to add length for the long nightie
      – Blouse short sleeves okay but shorten the arm band a little. Add length for the long sleeve version and make wrist band smaller
      – Shorts/Capri pants/tights all need to be enlarged approx 10% and then shorten the hem back to the original length
      – T-shirt is good in the short sleeve version but the long sleeves will need approx 1 – 1 1/2″ and perhaps narrow towards the wrist
      – Summer Dress and Crop Top, you may need to just add a little to the bodice under the arm 1/4″ both sides front and back
      – Handkerchief top and Halter top add 1/4 – 1/2″ to back on both sides

      If there was another pattern that you were particularly interested in please let me know and I will try that one on my doll.

      I would love to know how you go with sizing so that I can share it with other readers.

      Happy sewing, Rosie 🙂

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