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  1. peggy.stirling@ns.sympatico.ca on Nov 18, 2012 11:45 pm | Reply

    I have been using that velcro from “Zipperthatdoll.com” for about 18 months and I really love it. It is nice and thin, not expensive, and like you do, I slice it down the middle so I can have a narrow strip of velcro to use on my doll clothes. That same web site also sells 4-6 inch zippers, both closed bottoms and separating ones. I also buy all my zippers from them. It is so much cheaper than buying the shortest zippers I can get at the sewing store and then having to cut them down to size.
    Anyway, I strongly recommend that particular velcro from this web site. It works so well for doll clothes.
    Peggy Stirling

    • Thanks so much for this information Peggy, it is always great to hear feedback from someone who has used the product.
      Happy sewing

  2. I don’t use Velcro, I use snaps & buttons sewn on top of the snaps, and I also have use zippers from “Zipperthatdoll.”

  3. Hi Rosie
    I don’t cut the velcro lengthways, I cut it width ways. Works a treat, too. However I find it looks very untidy on the side you see on the garment. I guess its only for a doll but still. I have used a button to cover but for my little granddaughter that could be dangerous.
    Keep up the good work, love your blogs.

  4. I’ve used the heavy duty stick on velcro cut width not length to the size I need and then you don’t have any threads showing. It might get caught in the dolls hair though. I haven’t had any complaints.

  5. Sarah Jean on Mar 16, 2013 2:27 am | Reply

    I find my velcro at Michael’s in Canada. It is soft and flexible, and does not tear hair. I also cut it in half.

    I looked at Zipper that Doll and it looks as if there is a minimum order of $50. I don’t sew that much to order from them.

    • Thanks Sarah. I think though, you will find that the minimum order from Zipper that Doll is only $10.00 which is not too bad 🙂

  6. Lori Mesnard on Mar 22, 2014 9:57 pm | Reply

    I discovered “soft sew” velcro at Joannn’s for $4.99 yd ($2.50 with a coupon)-I cut it lengthwise- it is so easy to sew, very soft-especially for T-shirts. It also does not tangle the doll’s hair!

    • Thanks Lori, I will now have to try and chase some up in Australia as I love the idea that it doesn’t tangle the doll’s hair 🙂

  7. Betty Ann Orman on May 18, 2014 6:43 pm | Reply

    Have you ever used the selfstick velcro? Looks easy…. What do you think? Love to hear from you about this item. Thanks, Betty Ann

    • Thank you for your enquiry Betty Ann. I have not used the selfstick velcro but perhaps someone else has used it and can let us know what they think 🙂

    • Hi again Betty Ann. I put your question on my Face Book page and it seems that most people would not use the selfstick velcro as it doesn’t stick to fabric very well and it can gum up your sewing machine. So it is definitely not recommended.
      Happy sewing, Rosie 🙂

      • For yourself and your readers — the adhesive type Velcro will also gum up your needle not to mention in return using such, may cause damage to the mechanics of your sewing machine. -Brenda-

  8. I used sticky backed Velcro on something for my husband and had to sew it.It took me months to get the sticky out of my sewing machine I used lighter fluid finally and got it all off and could sew again. DO NOT USE STICKY VELCO

    • Hi, I agree with Cara, I used stick on velcro on a table cover for a craft fair. It didn’t stick well, so before the next time, I sewed it on. Disaster!!!!! It was very difficult to sew, and my sewing machine needle stuck in the velcro and fabric, so badly, that I struggled to get the needle out of the machine, and had to throw it away. It took a while to clean the machine with surgical spirit. I would never try to sew it again, or to use it on fabric.

    • You are so right, this sticky backed Velcro is a total disaster, it actually caused my needle to come right out whilst sewing one day and as you say messes up the needles with sticky stuff.

  9. I am very new at doll clothes making, but I realise very quickly that I need Velcro to finish off my outfits. I tried cutting the Velcro in half lengthwise and then sewing it in. But after taking the T-shirt on and off a few times the Velcro cut end frayed and came apart from the stitching. It looks horrible and it’s an usable now. Have you experienced this problem? Do you melt the cut edge with a flame first?

    • Hi Lori, I haven’t experienced this problem but I have seen some store bought items suffer this fate. I don’t melt the cut edge but you could give it a try as a last resort. I usually stitch a reasonable distance in from the cut edge (say 1/8 ” or about 3mm) because if you stitch too close to the cut edge of the Velcro, you may only have one thread of the Velcro that is holding your strip in place and it won’t be long before it starts to pull away from the stitching. You may also like to try attaching the Velcro with a zigzag stitch, catching the outside edge within your stitch, this will certainly hold it more securely and prevent any fraying from occuring.

      I’ve also noticed that it is usually tiny squares of Velcro that come off first or become ineffective really quickly because it only takes one hair or thread to get caught in the hooks for it to loose it’s ‘gripability’. So always use a reasonable size piece of Velcro.

      Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing more about your doll clothes sewint adventures.

      Happy sewing
      Rosie 🙂

  10. Phyllis Seidl on Apr 25, 2015 7:49 am | Reply

    Hi Rosie,
    Just discovered your blog. Very helpful info about velcro. Will look into this because I have never been able to get away without using tiny snaps or buttons. time consuming. I notice that you mention having to look for an item in Australia.
    I too am in Australia. I live in Queensland. Have been missing in action for quite a while now and just looking at dolls that need finishing etc. My dolls are usually quite small. I do a slender teen girl about the size of the fashion dolls. she is not skinny like the Barbie dolls.
    I decided that I would see if I could locate you in Oz and find you are in Keperra. Are you ever open or just market on line ? I ask because when I get into Brisbane from Warwick I go past Keperra on my way to our daughters in Samford Valley. I am an original doll artist so I sculpt make the moulds for porcelain etc. I am not a seamstress so have had my doll clothes made for me.
    In looking at the dolls I have to complete I find I have some costumes but if I get serious about producing I will need to get more.
    I’m not sure but your blog has nudged a memory. I wonder if I haven’t met you at a show ? In any event I will get cracking on the velcro and many thanks for the good advice.

    • Hi Phyllis, Glad you enjoyed my blog on Velcro. Yes, I live near Keperra and would love to have you visit next time you are travelling this way to see your daughter in Samford. I don’t have a store but am always happy to have visitors to talk about dolls and sewing 🙂

  11. Zipperthatdoll must be out of business. Their web site isn’t connecting. Any other ideas of where to get her velcro other than alibaba and spending $2700?

    • Hi Sheri, perhaps they are just having technical problems at the moment but I will keep an eye on it. I don’t know anyone else that has it but you could try Etsy. Perhaps someone else reading my blog Will know and will reply. Good luck with yours earth and will certainly let you know if I find out more. Happy sewing and Merry Christmas.

    • Hi Sheri, Looks like their website is working fine now. I’m sure they were just having technical problems at the time you tried.
      Happy sewing

  12. Connie Perkins on May 3, 2017 11:54 pm | Reply

    Thank you, Rosie. I will definitely try the web, Zipper That Doll, for the thin velcro.

  13. Ruth Shearer on May 29, 2017 1:17 am | Reply

    I just want to add that I have purchased the soft Velcro on Etsy from a nice lady who makes/sells American Girl doll clothes. Her name is Kathy and the site is called Farm Cookies. The nice thing is that the soft Velcro comes in quite a few colors and is already in thin strips. Perfect for doll clothes, doesn’t snag the hair, nor does it pull out the overlock stitches. She gives excellent service and no minimum purchase, as I recall.

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