8 comments on “Peggy Shows How to Make Capri Pants for an 18 Inch doll from a Knee Sock

  1. Joyce Ellis on Aug 23, 2014 10:17 pm | Reply

    Thanks so much for the tutorial, the granddaughters will love this for their dolls.

  2. Cherrylmaree on Aug 25, 2014 3:43 am | Reply

    Peggy is a clever lady. Now we can make use of the ‘one of’ left by the washing machine sock monster. Very cute.
    Thank you for posting.

  3. Peggy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift of creativity! You are a blessing to so many. I just love how you can make doll clothes out of things that otherwise would be tossed out. We all have that one sock floating around.

    Happy sewing!

  4. Peggy Stirling on Sep 6, 2014 11:12 pm | Reply

    I have been so busy all summer making Elsa (“Frozen”) gowns plus other AG items for a charity craft sale this coming November that I haven’t spent any time working on some new ideas for sewing with socks. I am thinking that I might try to do up something in a skirt with a ruffled or lettuce leaf edge. If I have time after I fill all the other orders for items people requested I will do up one and send it along to Rosie. I leave for Florida Oct.21 and won’t have access to a sewing machine until I get home next spring.
    I am “sooooooo” tempted to buy one for Florida but I know I will spend all my time at it while I am supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the sun. Then I will want to duplicate everything I have home here in my sewing room, serger and all. I guess I will just have to make do with more portable crafts when I am away from home.
    Thanks so much for all the compliments on my past sock creations. I will try to come up with something new this coming winter. Have any of you made winter caps out of fleece pyjamas? This is a no sew project that even the kids can do. If anyone is interested I will send Rosie the instructions.
    Thanks again,

    • It’s great to hear that you have been busy filling orders for your doll clothes and I hope the charity craft sale in November is a huge success. Again, thanks so much for sharing your ideas Peggy. Happy sewing

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