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  1. Would you mind posting the measurements of the American Doll?? I am a grandma that lives far from the doll’s owner and have no idea on the measurements.

    • Hi Sharon, yes it is a little difficult to make doll clothes when you don’t have the doll to try the outfit on. I have been told my patterns are a ‘true’ fit for the 18 inch American Girl doll however because they have a fabric body there are sometimes small variances in the measurements of the torso. I have the measurements of my American Girl doll listed on my Doll Sizing page. Happy sewing, Rosie.

  2. Brenda King on Jun 18, 2021 1:35 am | Reply

    Hello Rosie – I just ‘found’ you last week and am already in love with your sewing techniques and easy to understand way of teaching. I’ve been sewing for over 54 yrs and have sewn adult clothes for most of those years. I now have granddaughters that have American Girl dolls with limited wardrobes, because of the cost and low quality in the choices to buy. I have made a few pieces already, but they are certainly not like sewing for adult clothing. The doll clothes I’ve been making are certainly ‘fidgety’ and frustrating. I’d almost given up and looked into just purchasing ready made for the grands, but just knew I could make better than that. So, on with another search for the perfect patterns, because I don’t like the ones I previously bought. There’s too many steps with little benefit. Then I found you – my lifesaver! I am looking into purchasing your lesson videos and feel I can really benefit from them. And the bonus for the girls will be: Mama made them just for us! Thank you so very much for offering this service and I’m excited to get started.

    • I’m excited you ‘found’ me too Brenda and it’s wonderful to hear that you are enjoying my teaching style. I look forward to seeing photos of your creations and hearing any feedback you have on my course after you’ve had a chance to try it out. Happy sewing 🙂

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