2 comments on “Sew Your Own Doll Clothes To Give As Christmas Gifts

  1. annies5jemmz@charter.net on Mar 12, 2012 5:13 pm | Reply

    Dear Rosie,

    I was just browsing through your site and refreshing some of the how to videos and came across this post. Thank you for adding me to your story of sewing doll clothes for Christmas gifts. I made my granddaughters so happy with all of their clothes, and now they’re looking forward to a summer wardrobe. I’ve been collecting all kinds of fabrics and love every minute of sewing. You are such a blessing, and I never would have gotten interested in making doll clothing if I hadn’t come upon your site while just browsing one day. I love your patterns, and especially the videos. I wish I could keep them forever. It would be well worth paying for that privilege. I purchased the swimsuit and printed it out, but can’t find it on my list. Perhaps the 12 months has run out. Time goes by way too quickly. Spring is on our doorstep and I’m sure that means you are entering into your fall season. It seems so odd, in a good way. I just washed and dried a pretty Shamrock pattern fabric but haven’t decided what I will make it into. I’m thinking a cute little blouse made from the pajama top pattern. Just in time for St. Patrick’s day.

    Take care, Rosie, and thank you for the joy of sewing again.

    Best, Ann

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