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  1. Barbara Green Jones on Sep 4, 2017 8:56 pm | Reply

    Hi Rosey,
    I have truly learned a lot from your Video Course.I did not know anything about sewing when I started.
    However, I have made clothes for my Granddaughter which she loves even though they were not perfect.
    Now she is asking for more different styles. My question is can I continue or do I have to re-new?

    • Hi Barbara
      It’s wonderful to hear that you have learnt a lot from my How to Make Doll Clothes video course. When you purchase my course or any of my patterns you have lifetime access to them so you do not have to renew/repurchase them ever! ‘Sew’ you can continue sewing many more different styles for your Granddaughter and don’t forget to visit my Free Resources page where you will find links to my video series on ‘How to Alter One Basic Pattern to Create Over a Dozen Different Outfits’ – this should keep her happy with different styles 🙂
      Happy sewing

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